Thursday, 4 June 2015

Could The Elder Scrolls online decapitate The Witcher?

  The Witcher has had some incredible feed back over it first week and a bit of release. It's been praised for its amazing, attention to detail world, where everything is captured beautifully. We ourselves praised it very highly and was the very first title to achieve a 10/10 from our review team, but could this tuesday spell the end of the honeymoon period and unleash a battle for supreamacy.

  True neither Elder Scrolls or Witcher are technically the same genre. But there are some similarities that we can see from Elder Scrolls release on PC last year to The Witcher now. The MMO's world is slightly bigger than Geralt's adventures, it covers pretty almost the whole of Tamriel from Morrowind to Skyrim. Making the adventure seem endless, the fact that you can play this with your friends and play in PvP battles is an feature that could see people move over to the world of the Dragonborn.

  The Witcher's combat was vastly inmproved, however, to a more sleek version where oils and potions aren't strictly neccessary, unless you're going out on Witcher Contracts. Yet, obviously, we have yet to see how the combat of Elder Scrolls features on an PS4 or Xbox One. If you take the PC version into account this could also take on Geralt's dinner money. Although, from past titles such as Skyrim and Oblivion on last generation consoles we saw it held up well, wasn't totally mindblowing, like the time we first saw Fallout's combat system, but it got the job done. It remains to be seen whether the combat for the new title can be as smooth and indeed make usage of both systems power outlets.

  Also, storyline could play a key role in this battle. Tamriel features all the factions you'd expect it too and more. In a woven storyline that can feature all of them. Where as Witcher's main weakness was how you always wanted to deviate from the story and explore the world around you. It focused too much on doinf favour after favour to find Ciri, the surrogate Daughter you raised at Kear Morhen, but you do start to lose interest as soon as you reach Novigrad.

  The Elder Scrolls launches on June 9th. We will get our review up by next weekend.


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