Monday, 15 June 2015

E3 - Bethesda Press Conference: Fallout 4

We had to wait long enough through the whole press conference to finally get some info on Fallout 4, the game everyone was waiting for. Todd Howard, Game Director from Bethesda Game Studio, got to the stage and was talking about the "obsession to detail" that Bethesda Game Studio has been internalized to make great games for the best fans as they said. He started to show us a clip with concept art of the new game to give a little idea of what he meant by their obsession to detail.

Next up, he got straight to the game, telling us that it is going to start before the nuclear bombs fell, that had apocalyptic consequences. In the first almost 10 minutes of gameplay, that we got to see, the player is sculpting the face in character creation. Todd said that a baby will be generated by the couple you created. You can also see the very first moments when the character takes their first step outside in the Boston area, leaving Vault 111. The dialogues will be dynamic, much like in a Telltale game and not as we used to know from Fallout 3, but we will get first and third person view just like in the previous games.

Next, Todd Howard announced the Pip Boy Collector's Edition (, which contains a custom created Pip Boy that you can wear on your arm, attach your smartphone and use it as your second screen experience. You are able to play small games, listen to tapes, and see your character stats on your arm. Todd Howard described second screen apps as a stupid gimmick, "but as far as stupid gimmicks go, this is the best fucking one!"

Another mobile app is Fallout Shelter, a simulation game that got its inspirations from XCOM, Sim City, and mostly Progress Quest. The game is avaiable on the iOS App Store right now! (Android users might have to wait a bit, but people guess it's coming.) It's free, requires no internet connection, and has no pay walls, which we all appreciate very much. You do have in-app purchases but everything can be obtained in-game. You are the overseer and have to make sure that everything in your vault goes exactly how you want it. Watch the trailer right here:

The presentation of Fallout 4 was not done there. I was not expecting anything more but here it comes. You can now rebuild the world, scrap materials from almost everywhere, and build your own settlements... this is crazy!!! Your settlements will be attacked by raiders so you need to make sure that you build something safe for you and maybe some people that live there. But not only are you able to build buildings and machines, you can also create items like weapons and mods to updgrade these. "You can even modify your own power armor!" This feature will definitely be something that keeps you playing for months and maybe even years. I certainly want that!

In the last segment, Todd Howard gave us another gameplay trailer, a nice montage of combat scenes with a lot of guts and blood floating through the air, big explosions, and some nice V.A.T.S. action.

The game will be out November 10 this year! What more can I say?

JerriKoe - Game on!