Saturday, 20 June 2015

E3: Beyond Two Souls and Heavy Rain

So, you think the remasters are done? Well, on PS4 it looks like you're getting two more and they're awesome! If you haven't played 'Heavy Rain' yet (there is no reason why you shouldn't have by now) this moght be the news for you.

The game of critical choices which can lead your story off on a horrifying decline of disaster is coming back to playstation. Although, it isn't the sequel we all kinder wish they could make happen, its still close enough to the mark.

The story can lead to you ending up with one caharacter alive towards the end, the story just continues on without the character that has just died. With multiple endings it also has a great replay value.

Beyond: Two Souls is being revived also. This starred Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe in a story about life, love and rebellion. Jodie had an unnatural power and when her parents couldn't cope she was given over to a scientist who wanted to study her supernatural abilities. Incredible acting by the pair made it a contender for Playstation's game of the year a couple of years back.

If you haven't played these from the last generation. Pick them up soon. Especially Heavy Rain.


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