Tuesday, 16 June 2015

E3 - Sony Press Conference: Horizon: Zero Dawn

Sony did a great job on their press conference to keep the excitement high up. After The Last Guardian's comeback and announcement, Hermen Hulst, Guerrilla Games co-founder and Managing Director, gave us the first glimpse on their newest franchise, Horizon: Zero Dawn.

The maker of the Killzone series take us to a world of tribes that live after our time, we being "the old ones". We built great cities, huge buildings, but only for them to wither over time. The tribes settled down in the ruins of the old ones. They go out on a hunt with primitive weapons like bows and ropes to fight against machine animals.

Horizon: Zero Dawn is a third-person action RPG set in a beautiful, yet dangerous open world. You're playing as Aloy, a young woman from one of the first tribes, on her quest to find out about the mystery where the old ones left, and why the machines rule the world. You will be able to create weapons and equipment by harvesting the parts of the fallen machines.

The game is scheduled to be released next year. I can't wait! In the meantime, I will stare at these beautiful screenshots:



JerriKoe - Game on!

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