Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Games surpass US box office in net worth

The most surprising news to come out from E3 this year isnt For Honor, not virtual reality or even No Man's Skybeing centre stage. It is the fact that gaming is becoming the fastest growing sector. This year the industry is worth $96billion worldwide.

This includes last fen consoles, current gen, handheld and PC within the figures. It has already surpassed the value of the US box office which reportedly makes $95billion a year. The figure is even set to climb to $112billion by 2017.

So, why are so many games companies going bust and failing. In recent memory we have THQ folding, Crytek struggling with money and even Konami officially giving up with PC and console games.

Whats next for the industry?

Matt Friedrich (SolaceConquest)

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