Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Gears of War ultimate Edition News

So, we're getting Gears remastered this year and Gears of War 4 next year.
You may think of Gears of War Ultimate Edition as that kind of carbon copy with pretty graphics that most remasters become, bit there are some differences that change the original game. Some for the best.

1. There's a new musical score, the tone will be the same, so don't worry on this front.

2. The old casual mode, that was still pretty annoyingly difficult at times, has been renamed 'Normal' and a new user friendly casual mode included.

3. Can move just like Gears 3, with sudden movements, the same cover system and can even revive from cover.

4. The five missions that were removed from the 360 version, have been restored to Act 5 and will feature in both PC and Xbox versions.

5. Rubs at 60FPS and 1080P

6. Now comes with 6 MP modes. Including Team Deathmatch and King of the Hill (shown in the beta) and a 2 v 2 game type designed for gnasher warfare.

7. All maps (original and DLC) are on the disc

8. Tac-com and target marking are naking a return from Gears 3.

9. They now have dedicated servers for the title, which allows two people playing splitscree. To head online. 


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