Sunday, 14 June 2015

How Elder Scrolls' Alliance PvP will take over your life

So, joking aside about the many (often annoying) bugs in The Elder Scrolls. The PvP mode is so much fun, you'll forget about everything bad you've heard.

The travel time can be long and the elder scrolls can make the servers one sided. Especially if one alliance has four or more scrolls. I've been playing as Daggerfall covenent, on my chosen server Alteri Dominion actually own four (yes four) scrolls. Making their NPC's and even their players harder to overcome.

So why am I addicted to Elder Scrolls' PvP? Well, when you're in a group of twenty people and you join up with another group. You create an near unstoppable force, a horde that can be so strong that even when we were taking down Alteri keeps, those scrolls didn't matter. Numbers matter most in Elder Scrolls. That is what makes it exciting. You can be in the middle of a keep takeover and you can still have your party crashed as Ebonheart Pact decide to make it a three way party because they want the Emporership.

The Emporer is another unique feature. There are two main keeps/Forts/Castles from each alliance. If one alliance own all six, then the top performer from that alliance becomes Emporer. This entitles not only an awesome new title for the lucky winner, but gives all allies to him a health boost until one of the main keeps is lost to a reassurgence from another alliance. It also nets you an achievement/trophy if you manage to be top dog during this time.

The other part to the PvP are trials. Trials are PvE style dungeons within Cyrodill, with that PvP twist. Although, everytime I've gone to one, it has been hard to get a game.

Also, there is the normal exploration, you can go to Bruma or fond ruins to kill draemora to gain more xp and hidden bonuses. You'll also find Malog Bal's dark anchors within Cyrodill and also extra Sky Shards to hunt out in each territory.

Find a group or find a guild, like our own guild King's of the Wyvern, head out and destory everything in your path.

Written by SolaceConquest  (G2G)

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