Monday, 29 June 2015

How to net a few achievements in Elder Scrolls online.

Some achievements are a pain in the royal backside on The Elder Scrolls online. Infact, I've been playing since launch and I've come away with 100G so far.

But there are easy ways to earn achievements in the game that I have discovered during my time playing.

Learn all alliance races styles. 10G

Easiest way to do this (legit) is to spend time in Glenumbra gaining jute from plants (as much as possible) and then create lots of clothing. Make sure you buy the "raw materials understudy" skill which will gain you access to raw materials via your message inbox.
These aren't particularly great at level one, but the more points you spend the better. Also, produce as much as possible to get the Tailoring skill up.
You can also do this via blacksmithing.

The cheat way of doing it.
But crowns ans head to the crown store. Buy the alliance packs for 500crowns each and the achievement will unlock.

Learn all Rare race styles 10G

Again the legit way is to do it in game and earn the best gear via crafting and research.

The cheat way.
Buy the rare races packs which are 1500crowns each.

Indecent exposure 30G

Best place to do this is to go to the blacksmith station. Sneak around targeting the display models of the armour you can make and design.

When you're undetected, take it.

To get the achievement you need.

Main hand
Off hand

Once you have them equip them. Now the fun part. Find a guard near an market stall and steal something with the guard in view. When given the option, pay up and you'll be naked and get 30G

Hero of Daggerfall/Altmeri/Ebonheart 50G each

Don't neccessarilly need to create a new character everytime. This is because once you hit level 50 the game will make you chose another Alliance to play through the story again.

To get the unlock you need to do the questline Hero of Daggerfall etc which means doing a certain number of quests in each region of the alliance. You can track it via the achievements section of your journal via the quests option.

Just explore the entire world and you'll get there. It is also advised to do dungeon quests towards this, as you'll in most cases end up running into the cave boss to gain the next achievement.

Clear all dungeons and striking locales. 20G each

This is for all three alliances again.
Easy way to do it is just go through all caves in an area, find the boss (the named NPC, normally in the middle of the dungeon or close to the end) and kill them.
Higher level dungeons may include two names NPCs but both are normally attracted when you attack. Take out the weaker pet first for an easy fight.
This achievement also means taking down the locale bosses, which are marked in game by a skull and crossbones. Often, random players will join in the fight, so don't be too afraid to attack. Some you can kill solo anyway.
Again, once you hit 50 you can do all of these on that character.

Kill all dungeon bosses and group dungeons (20G)

Again, fairly easy, kill all the bosse for the previous achievement and then get a group together and take out all the group dungeon bosses.
Make sure one of your party isnt more than 10 levels above the other people. Group dungeons scale to the highest leveled player, making it difficult if one member os level 18 and you're level 39 for example.

Become a vampire 5G

This can be annoying. On the highest leveled map eg Bankorai on Daggerfall, you'll find high leveled Bloodfiends. These are what you need to fight. If they strike you enough times, there is a chance that a quest will trigger and you'll get to choose to live with the curse at the end of it.

There are players that deliberately camp these areas killing off the creatures really quickly in order to make you pay 10k gold+ to let them bite you.

Alternatively, you can find a nice player vampire that will take you to the shrine and bite you there to gain the quest. They have to be rank 6 to bite you.

Become a werewolf 5G

Virtually the same as Vampirism, the werewolf curse is off of high leveled Werewolves. Again on maps like Bankorai.

Once again there are players who charge extortoinate rates by killing the werewolf spawns to make you pay. Also, finding a friendly Werewolf will help, they can take you to the wolf shrine and bite you under the moon. They can only do it once a week, just like Vampires and need to be rank 6 to do it.

If there are any achievements you want to know about we can find a solution.


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