Thursday, 11 June 2015

Microsoft crashes the VR party thanks to an invite from Oculus Rift.

Yes it was true, Phil Spencer had repeatedly said Microsoft was not working on VR tech for Xbox gaming. No, they left that up to the Oculus Rift team.

Earlier today at an Oculus Rift event in San Francisco, Phil Spencer took to the stage with Rift CEO Brendan Iribe to confirm the partnership and give some details as to what this would mean for Xbox.
Well for a start, every Oculus Rift sold will come with an Xbox one controller with it, but more importantly for us gamers, Xbox games are playable on the Rift. Forza, halo and try to imagine it, Sunset Overdrive, wow.
So get those pennies saved, make some space in your living room and stock up on motion sickness tablets because it launches early Q1 2016.

Scotty Jim.

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