Saturday, 6 June 2015

Pneuma: Breath of Life out on PS4 next month

UK based Indie game developer Deco Digital is bringing a nice new first-person puzzler to the PlayStation 4 next month. The game runs on the beautiful Unreal Engine 4, and plays with its lighting features very nicely as you can see in the trailer.

"At Deco Digital, we’ve always wanted to create games that challenge player’s expectations and perceptions of videogames as a medium. One of the design challenges when creating Pneuma was developing puzzles around our completely unique observation mechanic which allows you to lift bridges, rotate platforms and move entire buildings. All with the combined power of your sight and mind."

Deco Digital tries to go with something different and I'm quite intrigued how well this will resonate with the gaming community. I was very early into puzzle games like Myst and Riven and the world Pneuma plays in reminds me of good ol' times.

I hope this Indie game, Pneuma: Breath of Life, will be a nice puzzler you and I might want to check out. The official release date is on July 7.

JerriKoe - Game on!

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