Friday, 5 June 2015

Rocket League coming on July 7

PlayStation 4 owners will be happy to hear that the strange action soccer car game Rocket League will be available on July 7 worldwide.

Twisted Metal fans will be even happier to hear that the famous ice cream truck, Sweet Tooth, will join the game as a playable car. This will be exlcusive to PS4 owners, as the game will be released on PC as well.

Speaking of which, PC and PS4 players can play together, since Rocket League will be a cross-play title! Two huge worlds will clash together, wow!

Last but not least, at E3, Rocket League will make an appearance and show off some gameplay and features of the game.

I can't wait! This will be a day one pick-up for me. Are you going to join the Rocket League? I definitely will after playing the closed and open beta last month which was astounding.

JerriKoe - Game on!

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