Wednesday, 17 June 2015

So far on Gears of War Beta

Its a strange thing, you're expecting The Coalition to make Gears 4 and not only get it. But get the Ultimate Edition too.

So far, we've played Team Deathmatch and King of The Hill (on day 2 of the Beta). The maps chosen for todays activities are the rather amazingly done Gridlock and the return of Canals.

Canals looks lighter than it was in the original title. There is a bit more sunlight that bounces off of the stones and bridges. This almost makes people a little easier to spot. But the star of todays show is Gridlock. The fan favourite returns in this rather glorious rendition where the graphics are infinitely superior. The cars look more refined, the textures of the map suit it down to the very last pixel. Both offer very close quarters combat (like all the best Gears maps) but somehow Canals can feel a little smaller than you may be used too. The corridors seem to be a little more tighter, but make great showdown areas because of it.

Team Deathmatch and King of the Hill are on show in Day 2. Team Deathmatch plays just the same way, but instead of 5 v 5, this time it is 4 v 4 and they've learnt from EPIC's Gear 3 by includong that style of scorekeeping. It goes right down to the wire. King of the Hill is exactly the same too. With the same weapon spawns, you can basically just recant your previous tactics. But with one less on the field, you ay have to be a little more crafty at times. Ofcourse this being a Gears game. Most people will just charge in and get their head blown up. Mourn for them.

Shotgun duels are still present. Taking it back to the original title, however, means the dreaded Sawn-off doesn't exist. Which means multiple players can quite easily fight without one shot killing three people. These shotguns are still unpredictable though, you can blast someone to bits from close range, but try it again and you're almost gauranteed to miss and die in the process.

The XP system is still there, mainly just to show off how much you play. So far there has been one level 20. Shows you how much feed back The Coalition can get from him.

Matt Friedrich (SolaceConquest)

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