Friday, 19 June 2015

Solace's E3 picks

E3, what a time ot was. With so much going on, ot is hard to choose a firm top 5 of things you're really excited about. But here it goes.

1. Fallout 4
Finally it is coming! After years of waiting, we'll finally get to fight our way through the wasteland again. This time we set off to Boston, hope Bethesda make it as awesome as Skyrim was for the Elder Scrolls series.

2. South Park Fractured But Whole
Yes Trey Stone and Matt Parker are back. Stick of Thruth showed us that licensed games can work. Although it was heavily censored for an European audience, it blew people away wth the quality on display. Without Obsidian can it still hold up it's reputation?

3. Tom Clancy's The Division
Was on show again. This time we heard a little more about its loot system, where you can even be evil to your friends, killing them and stealing their superior loot moments after the chest opens. Trust no one.

4. Gears of War Ultimate Edition.
Well, if you're a Gears fan, why not? You can test it today if you downloaded the beta or got codes via the preview programme. Judge for yourselves if you agree.

5. Deus Ex Mankind Divided.
Deus Ex had an amazing reboot. Although, most stealth options had to.make use of ventilation shafts. Eidios promised that there'd be more options for stealth this time around and a streamlined skills board. Lets hope for some disturbing life choices.

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