Friday, 19 June 2015

The weapons of The Coatlition

So the Beta is a few days old now, how do the weapons work out?

Well, here's a run down.

Lancer: This is probably the best of them all. The sound from the first title is restored, maybe a little more agressive than before. But a solid fluid weapon.

Gnasher: Oh, the problems still exist. Unpredictable, unreliable, but feels so good when you get it right. Its damage has been somewhat lowered from long range (which is the good thing about this weapon) but even at close range it can sometimes be as useful as a chocolate teapot.

Longshot: Still easy to score kills with. Still the same win/win.

Boomshot: one less round in the chamber means you'll use this more wisely and more efficiently as to not waste rounds. Still the same just with less rounds.

Troiker: Well, very hard to get this one wrong. The Coalition haven't.

Snub pistol: Great for finishing opponents off. Feels like the amount of damage it does the closer to your target you are has been increased.

Boltok: Still my particular favourite. It hasn't changed a single bit.

Frags: Bizarely it has slightly changed the effects of players it comes in to contact with. Twice in one match I ended up being no where near the explosion, yet got stunned by it. Then ended up being slapped in the face by a Gnasher.

Smoke: Has been slightly changed
The delay bewteen detonation and full nlown smoke cloak has rising slightly. This is slightly better as, it kind of engulfs people quickly so you can escape.


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