Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Why Xbox Live and PSN should have age ratings

We all know the annoying parts and the joys of playing online. That extra special kill you get, that amazing hard overtake on Forza or that co-op move that stuns everyone are what we really play games for (especially the 18 rated games). I don't mean the title themselves in the headline though, no they're just guidelines to parents to say "Hey, perhpas little Johnny shouldn't play this game since he could become violent". It isn't the games fault if he does, but Mortal Kombat or Grand Theft Auto will still have the blame landed at their feet.

What I want in Xbox Live and PSN is a feature where on account profiles the console knows how old you are. In turn it blocks anyone under 18 playing 18 rated games, this would stop all the annoying little children online shouting at you "I shagged your mummy last night" the only obscenities I want to hear is from my friends. True, you could argue for this particular case that in most games you can just mute that said gamertag and block messages coming from it, but I feel like we shouldn't really let people who are impressionable (such as 12/13 year old kids) play Grand Theft Auto. Nornally resulting in parents trying to return little Johnny's copy to the retailer becuase it is 'too violent' or 'has a lot of naked ladies'.

This in turn would pretty much stop complaints made by parents that Johnny tried to attack them with a knife because he couldn't have a mars bar. Could it work though? Part of me says yes! Ofcourse it'll work. But a tiny part of me suggets that parents will be irresponsible still and find a way around it. Just want to prove that age ratinds are not an guideline anymore and should be taken in to account when buying 18's for underage children.


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