Saturday, 6 June 2015

Xbox One 1TB console spotted. rather let the cat out of the bag recently. They listed a new Xbox One console ready to drop but listed the release date as 15th June (the exact date of Microsoft's E3 presentation).

It has since been taken down from the Amazon listings, but lets just go through what was included in the box.

It did include a 1TB console without Kinect, presumably because Microsoft feel it'd sell better, and it also has a new controller with it. These are the ones that were reported recently as having the 3.5mm jack built in. They look like the ones you're playing your console on at the moment, would be great not to have to deal with the adapter if you do use it though.

What is intriguing though, unlike the Call of Duty Advanced Warfare bundle (which also had an 1TB hard drive), is that it does not come with any games. This particular console package does seem to be aimed more at those who wish to upgrade their kit.

We will see at E3 if there is actually any truth to the listing.

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