Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Xbox Open with Halo 5

We all know the stories, how master chief became the hero and saved humanity from extinction. A boy robbed from his family and trained in the art of combat under extream conditions. Well the story has to be told again, and you need to carry on the fight.

I give you bonnie Ross for 343 studios, she opened E3 for Microsoft, when she came on stage, she showed us the trailer for Halo 5, with stunning graphical video and gameplay.

She said that this would be the biggest Halo yet, bigger scale battles, new characters and weapons. Halo 5 has it all, with the new four player co-op for you to play over Xboxlive.l with your friends.

We got to see the graphics and how they look on the XboxOne, we also saw the new engine take the full advantage of the console and give us the blockbuster game with always love. The cinematics and in game graphics looked amazing from the off. I was sold the moment the trailer started seeing the ensane explosions and convent running scared.

What does this mean for Halo fans?, they get the iconic single player campaign, the new four player co-op and online gameplay with new added features and modes.
This could be the most exciting Halo launch since Halo 2, just becuase your playing both sides again like in Halo 2. The Arbiter is back aswell and everyone's waiting to see IF the Master Chief has gone rogue.

Only time will tell, so stayed tuned becuase Gamer 2 Gamer has got a Interview coming soon with 343 and we want to find out more for you.
Written by Kingwhybrow  (G2G)

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