Monday, 6 July 2015

Films that could be easily turned in to a game

So the lines are kind of blurry between games and films. The two are rich (for the most part) in storytelling and games can evem be thought of as interactive movies, think Heavy Rain.
There are a wealth of films that could quite easily form a gaming franchise, but never has been looked in to.
Take The Orphanage, for instance, a horror that works on so many levels, it could quite easily turn in to a game. The story of a woman returning to an old Orphanage, which she grew up in, only to find a sinister story involved inside the mansion. Expanding on the films intimidating presence, you could even have missions based on more than one child, which the film doesn't neccessarilly need to do.
You might be thinking at this point "another ghost story? Yawn." But beneath it's frightening outer layer, is a story of love for family, for a home, for humankind. Games have managed to achieve to bring this out in characters in the past, no reason they couldn't do it with an Orphanage game.
Sticking with Del Toro, you could similarly do 'Pan's Labyrinth'. Set in World War Two, it tells the story of Pan, who has been waiting for his King's daughter to return to her world, after she got lost in the 'real' world and forgot who she was. With frequent trips to the world of Pan to fight deadly monsters that she must kill to keys for Pan to open the way. This could be a different kind of game, that World War Two hasn't had in game form.
How about the thought provoking, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind? I hear Sony clawing at the woodwork to get a good go at this. Telling the tale of a world where it is easy to have your memory erased. Jim Carey plays a man in love and discovers a horrible truth towards the end that is hard to undo.
A game that could easily be on parr with Beyond: Two Souls the storytelling value is exactly what a game could do well, away from all the gory, blood curdling violence.
The Night Watch by Sergei Lukyanenko, would be the obvious choice for those with a fetish for Vampires and all things mystical. Okay, so the film version of Lukyanenko's rather amazing book by the same name, wasn't exactly great, but with the books good vs evil paralells, the delving in to a dream world, where we can discover any truth and a great piece of detective work. This game could easily triumph as a game of the year contender.
The lines are never cut and dry either as the Day Watches Vampires, sorceress' and werewolves don't always turn out as evil as you'd expect. Set in modern day Moscow for the most part, the story takes twists and turns that gamers deffinitely enjoy along a games natural concorse.
so, one final one and I'll let you get on with your day. District 9. You heard me correctly. District 9 in all its forms is rather a hard one to chew on. You never quite know whos side to fall on. Kind of acting as a comment on immigration, the film follows an authoritarian who hates the aliens who have crash landed on Earth with no way to get home. Turning in to desperate creatures and being forced to live in 'districts' where squaller and disease are rife, the turn to crime and black markets to live. A perfect setting for a game, don't you agree?
Imagine playing as an oppressed aloen and having to do the imaginable and not only escape but taking your whole species off the world and back to space. Or playing the authoritarian who needs to solve crimes and mysteries, while dealing with the riff raff and habding down punishments you think is appropriate. In either case your actions could also cause rammifications for everyone involved, for example, you're too harsh with punishments so murders become more and more depraved and sick or crime rates go up to a point where you start fighting a losing battle.
Either way, you can see my point. Games are often turned in to films. But quite a lot of films seemed to become ignored when thinking about games. True lisenced games tend to be incredibly poor value (until Alien: Isolation and Shadow of Modor that is) but that shouldn't stop some amazing things coming out of the film industry.

Matt Friedrich (SolaceConquest)

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