Tuesday, 21 July 2015

G2G Member Review (Turtle Beach 500X Stealth)

Written by Alfred Castro  (G2G Member)

Review of the Turtle Beach 500x Stealth as headsets go I've only ever used Sony Golds and and love those. Right out of the box loved the way the packaging was set up easy to get everything out you get your transmitter headset and all cords you need, installation was a breeze plug transmitter into usb port and then plug fiber optic chord from Xbox to transmitter took less than a minute.

Next you need to update firmware th headset on the Turtle Beach website, thus is very easy to do and took no time. Now your ready to game if you run your Xbox thru a home theater like I do you will need to quickly change setting to digital out and DTS to make them work. Putting them on I do wish they were a little bigger on ear for cup size the set fits snug on my head but never uncomfortable even thru extended use.

Quality build is very good except for volume control on Mic and Volume witch is located on opposite side of right ear cup they're two small dials feel kind of cheap and hard to access on the fly. Sound at first I admit I was a little disappointed until I started messing with all the sound modes and found the right sound for the game I was playing For a sounded beautiful could hear all the announcements in stadium thumps as ⚽ ball bounces on near miss goals The old blood sounded great fire fights alarms going off in distance sounds came in very spacious as I should have stated these are surround sound head phones and not stereo.

Alien Isolation came in very nice and terrifying lol. The sound presets are located on left ear cup you just you have to hit your corresponding sound to what type of game your playing there is a movie presets but did not have time to test that department.

Voice chat came in clear and was balanced when adjusted with game audio when I can find the two little nobs to do it but when talking to friends they did say they can hear me clear but volume a little low the Mic that comes with them feels a little flimsy it is a plugin and easily removed if and installed according to your needs. Price is varied and you can find them at numerous locations and online but average price will set you back $200.

If I was to give a rating on a 10 scale.                                      
Quality-8 volume and Mic could have been better.              

Sound-7 it takes some figuring wish it had a little more bass.                                  

Ergonomics-7 for me I'm a big guy so wish cup size on ear were a little bigger.                      
Price-7 this a little tricky and subjective Sony gold still is top for me at a $99 price point.                                              

Overall I give these a 7 couple things could have been improved but overall I enjoy them and hope to hear from everyone at G2GEVOLVED!!

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