Sunday, 12 July 2015

G2G Review F1 2015

It might be hard to forget last years unfortunate debacle, but tou must when it comes to the newest title in the Formula 1 franchise.

The graphics aren't exactly groundbreaking, they even get a little dodgy at times but do not let that spoil your entertainment. First off the career mode has been replaced from last year's young driver championship to a typical championship season. We chose to play as the great Fellipe Massa in his Williams. Now you can either play in easy right up to legendary. Legendary is by far the most fun, but only play this if you're a seasoned pro at the games and know how to set up a car to your liking.

The neatest feature is the ability to switch from a 20car 2015 season to an 22car 2014 season (which even has its own achievement). You can use the 2014 season in the other two offline modes too. Handling is a lot better and on easy there is a clear difference in car handling between cars, Williams seem to handle corners alot more fluidly than Mercedes Petronas, for example, but as stated above the harder the setting the better your knowledge of the cars has to be.

The slightest changes in difficulty in 2015 jas made it a stronger title. Addictive in the largest sense of the word.

Pro Season is the most intriquing of these modes. Although, it is only for those who live and breathe racing simulators. Only able to use cockpit view for the entire weekend and having no assists at your disposal this is the most immersed mode you can play.

Also making this more challegning is the fact that max damage is always on, so if you're an aggressive driver, you'll always end up in the pits or having to retire. You also have to spend a lot of time, you have to play the entire weekend all the way through. You can, like previous games, save your progress and reload it at anytime from the menu.

Now the seasons are out the way you also have quick race, which does what it says on the tin. Selecting AI difficulty, track, whether you want practice or having to qualify. Also, there is multiplayer, this mode is a sixteen car race which needs at least 2 people to start, even on a private race. You chose your team, which becomes a race in itself as everyone wants to be in Mercedes, Williams or Ferrari. You can also have assists on this mode but we'd recommend not having them on, even if you have to get used to it offline first. The best drivers online (the ones who win races) don't use them, they can cost you upto 4seconds a lap over those who dont use them.

There are also degrees of difficulty within playlists. There's a playlist for beginners, intermdiate drivers then there's the hardcore mode. Hardcore mode is basically an online Pro Season, where you can change camera angles and opponents can actually think on the spot. Making it very difficult and the best for competitive players to race on.

Time Trial is also an exciting mode. You get to chose your track and car, exactly the same as other modes and go against the clock on your own to get the best time you possibly can. You can do what we did and turn the laptime ghost off, he gets distracting, or try to out race him. This is the best way to practice tracks before you head into pro mode.

Controll over how you race, the improved career modes, the already infamous pro mode and a multiplayer that is a vast expansion of the simplistic multiplayer of 2014 that makes this game a great current gen racer. The only annoying thing is that, you often can't hear the race engineer, unless he says "pit in next lap" or when he checks in every 10seconds to tell you about your fuel.

If you're a relaxed gamer, who just wants to win most races and enjoy pushing people of the track, this is for you. If you're totally in to racers, you know cars inside out, how to set it up for your own usage, and are looking for a new challenge, this is for you. You see, unlike last year's title there isn't anything that will drive you nuts on this very competent simulator.

Overal 8/10
Graphics 7/10
Gameplay 8/10
Sound 7/10
Modes 9/10

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