Sunday, 19 July 2015

G2G Review So Many Me

It's kind of hard to know what to think about So Many Me. On one hand, it's a charming little puzzle game that the whole family could quite easily take part in. On the other it comes across as an fairly easy title that you could complete rather easily.

The game works based on collecting clones with different powers and abilities to solve puzzles. Some can do amazing things and they even turn into stone half way across a difficult jump giving you extra leverage, they can also be use as safe havens from enemies until you can get close enough the jump them. However, each time the puzzle to find them will be a little more complex but most times it won't be nothing that a little trial and error won't be able to fix.

The sidescroller is a little more relaxed than some of its most recent counterparts (like the almost mindbreaking 'The Swapper'), this gives you a nice drive through the game and even lets you savour the experience.

Being powered by Ubisoft's Unity engine, it's graphics are really pleasant. The bright colours would also lend to a family fueled title. It also runs smoothly, not once did we encounter any frame-rate or glitchy goings on, that you tend to discover in a few indie games of recent months.

The sound gets a little annoying but the way the game is presented take you back to Mario's first adventures onto console. Jump on the head of villains will knock them off screen, for example. Also, the fact there is no speech and you have to read the text based speech bubbles. It is this kind of retro feel in a new Unity Powered game that gives So Many Me its charm.

If you're a fan of hardcore puzzlers then this may be too easy. If you like an interesting puzzler that doesn't neccessarily take itself too seriously. Then this is for you.

Overal 7/10
Gameplay 7/10
Sound 6/10
Graphics 7/10


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