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Game of Thrones Episode 5 review

Game of Thrones Episode 5 review

This has been a great series so far, from the depiction of the Red Wedding right upto staring down a Dragon's snout. In this episode we encounter pride, leadership on a whole new level and loss (as is the way with all Game of Thrones mediums). 

It starts nicely enough, Asher meets Dany to get his army and is rejected, but we are given gold to buy our own. Asher's story is by far the best part of this episode, we end up going to the recently closed down fighting pits, to out the murderous former slaves to good use. 

This sequence gives us a taste of what it's like to be a fighter in the pit and then give a speech to inspire those around us, which also includes a choice on actions to greatly increase the chances of success. 

Asher then sets sail for Westeros, having to Dany that he will support her cause, when he is successful dealing with the dangers surrounding his family.

Meanwhile back at the homefast. We find out the identity of the traitor, which may be different based on your choices. We have a heated discussion between them and Rodrick. We then get the option to kill them or hear them out to learn of valuable information. 

Rodrick's story is one of sadness, to counteract the joy that Asher feels in completing his task. We lose an ally (not going to mention their name) to Ramsay Snow's interference. Then there's the tragedy that is always going to happen with an George RR Martin work. 

We'll come back to that later. We also go back North with Tuttle and Cotter. We finally meet the white walkers and learn how to kill them. We also learn that there is more to the North Grove than meets the eye. Again, you need to be able to deal with loss in this story strand.

Back at the capitol, we get sucked deeper in to a "nest of vipers" (excuse to pun) and end up somehoe alienating ourselves furthur. Cercei has Myra talk to Tyrion in his cell, after some jousting of words, we find something out, you can try to hide a secret or admit to the one the Tyrion catches you trying to lie about. 

Either way, it doesn't end well. We also lose a friend (not by dying, thank God) but by other means. We are becoming ever more dependant on our ability cope with the fear of being alone.

The ending is something you need to play through for yourself and I won't give you the details (although, I did take Twitter to rant about it), but you'll lose your mind making the choice as Asher returns to Westeros from Exile with the army he has built. This is by far the hardest choice you'll have had to make since 'The Walking Dead Season 2's' horrible choice regarding a new friend and old friend. 

We're not too convinced that it needed to happen to make an otherwise flawless episode more gory.

Overal 8/10
Storyline 9/10
Gameplay 8/10

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