Friday, 17 July 2015

Halo 5's Limited Collector's edition mystery

If you were planning on getting the most expensive version of Halo 5's vast array of products for you to buy, then you may want to read this up.

Gamespot have reported that the $250 limited collector's edition bundle, that comes with the animated series, in game dlc and a huge statue, is also the only version not to come with a disc.

So, when confronted with fans at Comic-con this week, 343 had stated they're "working on a solution". Well, what Microsoft have proposed is, you can trade in you digital version of the game for a disc based copy.

Gamespot also speculated that because the version comes out a week earlier than all the other Disc based and Xbox Live versions that it'd be possible to get a disc out before the launch to the public at large.
Although, this raises another question? How can you do it? Well, Microsoft has (almost) confirmed that you'll be able to input your DLC code in to the internet in exchange for a disc based copy to be sent to your house.

Nothing is set in stone yet, the saga is only just beginning.

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