Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Life is Strange episode 4 review

In this episode it's REALLY hard to not reveal spoilers, but we have to give it a go. Now, so far we've failed to enter the "everyday heroes" competition. Strangely, that's the only normal thing we haven't done.

We've now go the ball rolling in trying to pin everything on Nathan, we discover a lot to do with him and his personal life within the episode, but I'll let you figure it all out for yourself. The choices surrounding this are highly entertaining. There are options to use the information for good or evil, whichever way your version of Maxine is inclined.

So, where do we go from the ending of episode three? Well, we get to see the non erratic side of Chloe through our new found power, also having to make a heartbreaking choice when it comes up.

There are some annoyances too, there are sequences that are almost glitched, like at the drawing board when piecing together clues. You can't always read the clues to try tag them together. Where we've actually taken to youtube and found guides where their game has let them. Just a heads up.

You make more than one shocking discoveries, you might, however, already be expecting one of those. There's not as many moral choices in this one, only a couple of major decisions and most of it is setting up the finale. Don't let that deter you from playing it now though.

In true Don't Nod fashion the ending is really confusing, but also intriquing at the same time. I won't tell you what or how it happends, but watch out for something you deffinitely cannot predict.

Overal 9/10
Storyline 9/10
Moral decisions 7/10
THAT ending 10/10


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