Tuesday, 21 July 2015

PlayStation with G2G:Evolved

The Last Guardian
With a big bang this year's E3 PlayStation press conferences began and reason for this is the legendary title that almost no one wanted to speak out loud because it got almost forgotten, The Last Guardian. It has been years since the initial announcement, to be exact it has been six long years, and now we not only got the approval that the game is still being developed but we also got a release time frame and a gameplay demo.

The game is still shrouded in mystery but we can be sure that this game is definitely looking beautiful. Every feather on the companion Trico are moving on its own, meaning that the depth in the graphical department is beyond what we expected six years ago. Now with the power of the PlayStation 4, this expectation is almost certain, yet this is astonishing. It's more the mystery itself that is making The Last Guardian so attractive.

Horizon: Zero Dawn
Guerrilla Games is known for quality games but they always went the safe path with their Killzone series. At E3 this year, they presented us a completely new IP, called Horizon: Zero Dawn. The gameplay we saw definitely surprised us. The game is something that millions of people are looking forward to. An action RPG in an open world, not really Guerrilla's natural habitat when it comes to game genres. This time they try to take the risky route, we are all waiting in patience where this route is leading them to.

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End
Ah, PlayStation's favorite, gamers' favorite! Naughty Dog never failed to deliver a compelling story and fun gameplay at the same time. As the title suggest, this is the end of our protagonist. We don't know if he is the "Thief", although he started his adventures as one when he was still a young kid, but fact is, this is the last Uncharted game with our beloved Nathan Drake. We don't want to think about what's coming next, let's take small steps.

Uncharted 4 maybe the best game that will come to this generation of PlayStation. We still have to wait until spring next year but from what we saw in the gameplay demo at E3, this will be an action-packed and honorable ending for the treasure hunter.

Final Fantasy VII Remake
A few years back, the legend of the Ultimate Troll came to life, namely a remake of the probably most favorite Final Fantasy game of fans of the franchise, Final Fantasy VII. People couldn't hold on to their seats until it struck them back down when they saw it... it was the PC version coming to PS4. Now, this is not exactly what fans wished for. But here is Square Enix at it again, Ultimate Troll was beaten down, and here we get a fresh new trailer of a true remake of the game.

RPG fans all over the world are now discussing what kind of changes will be flowing into the game, what features will be kept as they are known in the classic PlayStation game from 1997. Legit questions, all we know is that the trailer is looking awesome!

We discussed what Dreams could be like when it is a finished product (http://goo.gl/aQdCie) but all we know is that we will be getting a game/music/anything-you-can-imagine creator for the PS4 from Media Molecule. Now, we can't expect too much I'd say, but that is what I say about almost every game to not get disappointed as much afterwards.

The trailer from E3 shows us some very interesting scenes, beautiful art, and let's us hear wonderful music, that were all created in the game itself. Of course, G2G:Evolved will look into the substance of the game when it finally awakes from its slumber and shows us its Dreams... sounds wonderful, don't you think?

JerriKoe - Game on!

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