Thursday, 16 July 2015

Prototype review Xbox One

Prototype is a game that I really loved at university, so much so, my girlfriend at the time had to jostle for my attention between herself, Batman (Arkham Asylum having came out the same year) and Alex Mercer.

So, naturally, when I read that Prototype was coming to next gen, I was going to be all over it. However, there is a little bit of a sour taste to this wonderful bit of memory that had came my way. Activision haven't really bothered to do anything with either Prototype or Prototype 2. It is a direct port from 360. Not that is a totally bad thing, but when they're asking £40 for the bundle, you can't help but feel a little hard done by.

The graphics are identical to the original last-gen title, gameplay is the same (that could have been REALLY polished in a Xbox One rerelease) and it is only the cut scenes that have been given the next-gen touch. Which is a shame.

It does give me a sense of minor nostalgia and I love being able to play it again, now my 360 has gone back in its box. This is an even bigger kick to your wallet, when you see that if they wanted to do this, they could have just made it backwards compatible in a few months.

There is no scoring to this review, if you've played it, you've played it and you know what you're getting. It isn't on the same scale as rereleases such as the marvelous Metro boxset, which not only improved graphics but gave the older game the new engine. Or the Saints Row remaster which even managed to fix small combat issues that the 360 version tried to mask up with cellotape.

If you want it by all means, follow me and play a game I loved and re-earn all the achievements. If you don't want to pay £40, wait for it to go on sale, but don't expect it to be backwards compatible


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