Monday, 6 July 2015

Quick Analysis of the Horizon: Zero Dawn E3 Demo

Watch this short video which has Mark Norris, senior producer at Guerrilla Games, analyze the E3 demo we all saw and which easily took our breaths away:

We can see what Guerrilla changed in comparison to the Killzone games, and what Horizon: Zero Dawn is all about.

I love the limitations to the available equipment on your hunting trips, it gives the game a big strategic aspect as you have to choose wisely what you are going to take with you to best cope with the next situations. The quickness in battle is something we know from FPS games with which Guerrilla are very familiar. The RPG side of the game is very intriguing and promises that the game won't end soon enough, grinding will be key.

I think this game will live up to its expectations it already has created by just showing off this one demo at E3 2015. I am looking forward to play this game and cannot await to start this new adventure.

JerriKoe - Game on!

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