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Rewind Review The Master Chief Collection

Legends are not just born, but they are raised from the ashes of mankind very fight for survival. A secret ONI project working on a Spartan programme to counter attack the new found threat  and the only one left remaining is spartan 117 Aka The Master Chief.

I'm your boi Kingwhybrow , from G2GEVOLVED and join me now as i review Halo Master Chief Collection.

Im going to start with The Halo franchises it's self, it has been a headliner and front runner for Microsoft's first console the oringal xbox and has helped grow the console over the years. In honouring this amazing francise, they thought that they would put all 4 games on one disk exclusively for the XboxOne. With this you package, you get all 45 campaign missions, Over 100 multiplayer maps, a staggering 4,500 gamer score to hack your way through the holiday season. Also you get to witness Halo: nightfall, a brand new live action digital series from Exective Produdcer Ridley Scott what got mixed reviews itself. 

The halo story is something that can't be missed, it surrounds you in this no-fiction world that is drawn on hummatiny fighting for it very suvial. You play as The Master Chief him self (SPARTAN 117) THE LAST REMAINING OF HIS KIND, a humum boi wepeon disigned to protect the human race from a new threat called the Covernent.
So 343 has done a superior job to bring this to the XboxOne. New upgraded graphical features. 343 have keeped true to their job of what bungie brought to the table all them years ago.
The way that you can switch inbtween the original and the new remastered version is stunning to eye. That fact that the graphics were the best for thing for their time.

The cinematic videos within the game have been the best thing for me in Halo 2 so far. The way it looks and sounds makes you want to just say WOW. They have also updated the sound quality of the videos, weapons and character voices. This then gives that fresh new theme that halo need to be on the XboxOne. Don't forget this game runs at full 60fps and does not stuggle to keep it. The way the game plays now feels alot faster than the originals. I still get confused with the controls because each game has sightly different buttons between campaigns.

So when your playing online you have to remember the controls for each halo game. To be fair I've always thought halo has had that best online feel over alot of online game's up to halo 4. This was a fresh new move but felt to much like call of duty in the way get kill streaks and perks.
But don't put me wrong it's fun to play halo multiplayer again online and having the old fan favourite maps back again. They have added a few new items to the anniversary version of Halo 2 online. For example a silent SMG to wheild.
Another great thing about the online is that 343 have gave you all the armors skins from the off. The only thing that you need to unlock is the service tags and avatars for your profile.

The downside to the mutiplayer is the servers havnt really worked since the 11th. It use to take up 15mins on half and hour to jump online, then when you got into a game so were witnessed to extream lag and team players quickly leaving. Since then the developers have really just patched the game so much to get it working.
Also they had problems with certain  achievements unlocking, so because we've seen so many problems with the game, owners of the first month of Halo now receive ODST for free or can purchase it for a small amount of £4.99  this is fully remastered for the Xbox One.

The game in my books is great value and now with all the added updates, this is the best time to pick up and play from the beginning, but all games have their launch problems to deal with. Glad to see 343 and microsoft had worked on these issues.
So Halo is the perfect gift for all Hardcore fans and new who missed out on the oringal two games and who want to recap before Halo 5: Guardians is released.

You can play up to 4 people on your own XboxOne or 2-16 on Xboxlive.
Don't forget this game could take up 80Gb of storage, this is a big chunk of you 500Gb hardrive.

It's  been a pleasure and I'm your boi kingwhybrow, keep Gaming and see you next time at G2GEVOLVED.

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