Sunday, 19 July 2015

Rewind Review of Evolve

I welcome you to a new breed of gaming, a game that needs team work, Strength in numbers and pure skill.
If you don't. ...........well I'm afraid the Hunter becomes the hunted and you might not survive the new breed on Monster.

Monster are for bed time stories, but still not to be taking lightly. I give you Evolve and new game from Turtle Rock Studios, creators of Left 4 Dead, comes the next generation of multiplayer shooters where four Hunters face off against a single, player-controlled Monster in shooting - pounding 4v1 matches.

Winner of over 60 awards, best of show (e3 game) , best shooter  (ign),  BEST SHOW (GAMESCON)

Im your host kingWhybrow from G2GEVOLVED, so join me and sit back as take you through this monster of a game. Can turtle rock studios and 2K live up to Left for Dead with this new instalment.
So before we go Hunting im going to talk you about the story behind Evovle, so evolve set on the planet shear, a far distant planet. humans have started to colonies in theses areas for resources, only to find them self attacked by a new found threat. 

So a new team of hunters must be assembled to evacuate the remaining colonists from shear before they all get massacred. This the set the story of the game.

Now lets look at the monstrous graphics, im yet to find out the Frames persecond for this game, but one thing I know is that this game is glorious in everyway. The planet from off look stunning in everyway. from dropping into combat and searching for your pry and seeing other wildlife roaming around. they look deadly and yet you feel lost in the world. Evolve makes the game feel more alive everytime you play it.
but when you see that Wraith, Kraken or Goliath for the first time, your blown away by their design and presence. Just don't look at them too long, because you might just get thrown around like a rag doll.
the gameplay is fun with the option to control 1 of 4 hunters with all different weaponry at their disposal. You have 4 class to chose from asssult, trapper medic and support.

The monster is something to get use to with all the differnt abilities to master. When the game starts you have to remember to kill the wildlife to evolve your chosen beast and get to level 3 while your being hunted.
Once at level 3 your more or less unbeatable in less the people your playing are a really tight and we'll organised team. 

This first-person shooter is something that cant be missed. I just hope it doesn't turn people off with only the 4 game modes available.

The multiplayer is mostly going to be the public favourite mode overall, with up to 4 game modes available to chose from. the way you find theses games modes is by using evolves structure modes.

Quick Play, which enables single matches; and Evacuation, which serves as a five-match multiplayer story mode. In Evacuation, each subsequent match gives the winning side an advantage in the next map (such as a destroyed power plant releasing toxic gas the monster is immune to or a saved one powering autonomous turrets to assist the hunters), ending with a Defend match.
As games go I think with the latest updates and tweeks, this has made the game a lot better over time, with more characters and monsters added via the season pass.

This was a G2GEVOLVED review of Evolve on the Xbox One 

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