Thursday, 23 July 2015

Rory McElroy PGA Tour Review

Does Rory McElroy recapture past glories or does it come up a bit short in the rough,

Hi its Scotty Jim from Gamer2Gamer evolved here with our review of this years EAs golf outing Rory McElroy's PGA Tour.

Rory has essentially replaced Tiger Woods as the cover star of its popular golf game, but right from the off some thing just don't seem right.

From the main title screen and littered right through every course you will be treated to some of the most annoying pop in I have ever seen. Considering this is running on EAs flagship graphics engine frostbite you would think it could run trees grass and some sand at better rates than this. With no explosions or spaceships anywhere I found that to be really bizarre. Even the graphics themselves I thought fell short with basic character models to bland looking courses. Plus the annoying commentary that was already repeating itself on the second course I chose.

Also the lack of features played a big part in letting this game down, from a handful of real golfers to the lack of courses and a basic career mode.

Gameplay wise its all very similar to older versions with the pull back and push forward on the controller. Still a great way to play.

With The Open at St Andrews on now its a great time to launch, I only hoped they could of waited till next years Masters before they did. This way they could of added more golfers a lot more courses and filled out the career mode. Plus it would if given them time to fix the graphic's issues.

So with a bit more time and a bit more added content I do look forward to next years attempt as it still plays well, just at this stage, not enough.

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