Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Talking with MajorYnos

Hi everyone this is Gamer2Gamer evolved and this is our weekly section where we like to bring in a gamer to answer some question we have for them. 

The last few weeks we have had some great gamers that have given us some interesting answers and this week should be no different. So without further a do please welcome Majorynos.

Thanks for joining us today Majorynos

Gamer2Gamer-  first of all can you tell us what your first computer or console was and what some of those early games were you played?

Majorynos- NES. First game was Zelda. I played almost every big title on that console. One of the best systems ever released.

Gamer2Gamer- your obvious choice for this Generation was the PS4, can you tell us how you came to that decision?

Majorynos- PS4 has the best hardware and was built from the ground up as a gaming machine. It was an easy decision that I haven't looked back on.

Gamer2Gamer- are there any games on Nintendo PC or Xbox you would like to see on Playstation, if so why?

Majorynos- I am pretty happy with the PS4 lineup. All of the major titles are on it and we're seeing a trend where PS4 runs games better than PC in some cases, like Arkham Knight.  If I had to pick any exclusive from the PC I would like to see Cuphead.

Gamer2Gamer- if you could change one thing about playstation what would it be?

Majorynos- I'd like for Sony to disable the light bar on the controller. It serves no purpose as far as I can tell other than draining the battery.

Gamer2Gamer- if Majorynos made a game what kind of game would it be?

Majorynos-  I'd like to make a game with no guns or one where you shoot someone just once in the game so that you really get a sense of what it's like to take someone's life. Games today are a joke in that regard. Most of our heroes are essentially serial killers and we've become so desensitized by the violence that it's meaningless. Nobody has figured out how to realistically convey the impact of violence in a game.

Gamer2Gamer- if Majorynos was the lead character in a game, who would it be and why?

Majorynos- Nathan Drake because he's a saucy SOB just like me.

Gamer2Gamer- what did you think of playstation E3 this year?

Majorynos-  E3 was amazing. Sony had the best E3 conference in recent history. So many gigatons. The Last Guardian, Shenmue 3 and FFVII remake. I've never been so excited by a presser. They really nailed the pacing as well. I was afraid they were going to dedicate a lot of time to Morpheus and media but they pretty much glossed over those things.

Gamer2Gamer- what kind of features would you like to see in playstation 5

Majorynos-  I think PS5 just needs iterate on the PS4. I don't think consoles need to be media hubs or mini PCs. We see how bad Microsoft tripped up trying to make an "all in one" device. I'd be bummed if the PS5 focused on VR or anything "exotic". Just throw beefy hardware in there with the ton of memory and I will be happy. I have a dozen other devices that do media, etc. I don't really need that stuff in my game console.

Another great interview form another great gamer. On behalf of everyone here at Gamer2Gamer evolved, thanks for joining us.

Written by ScottyJim 

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