Monday, 20 July 2015

G2G Rewind review: Wolf Among Us

Telltale have come along way in a short space of time. Starting with the episodic adventures of Lee in Walking Dead, they took on the popular comic series 'Fables' with their next game.

Wolf Among Us was released a short time after Walking Dead ended and it shows that Telltale learnt how epic a story can be when told at a high emotional charge. Wolf Among Us was no different. You play as Bigby, in a world where fairytale characters come in to the world of the living. They create an illusion by a spell called glimmer, to make themselves appear human. This is where it gets interesting in an social economic kind of way as there are those (like Mr Toad) who can't afford the spells legit and have to buy the black market version.

Bigby in the bigger picture is trying to solve the murder of a girl he meets after a fight with an old nemisis. As the story progresses through the episodes you not only get a darker version of the characters shining through the scariest of corners.

You know how Telltale present their games, the Borderlands style cel shading with a great point and click gameplay that gives it its own identity. The great thing about this is the brilliant fights that using the Big Bad Wolf as the main character gives you. There's a fantastic one in the final episode, but we won't tell you what it is in case you've never played it before.

Every choice (as usual) has an affect on the game world. Sometimes it is relationships and other times it's how you end up having to get information. You can get a bad reputation very quickly. That does depend on how harder job you want to give yourself.

This is a game at the highest standard, they say the second game you make helps you master the craft. Wolf Among Us had it all, although, it does still suffer from a tiny bit of lag between gameplay and cutscenes that Walking Dead 1 suffered with.

Overal 9/10
Gameplay 9/10
Storyline 10/10
Graphics 9/10

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