Friday, 17 July 2015

The Imperial City DLC for Elder Scrolls

This DLC looks epic, first of all lets get the horrid bit out the way. Pricing is 2,500 crowns via the in game store and free if you're an ESO Plus player.

The DLC itself comes in two parts, a free patch for the base game and the paid for part.

Both are awesome in their own right. Here's a break down.

Free Patch:
- 15% decrease in XP needed to gain Veteran ranks
- 100% more XP in public dungeons
- 50% more XP for Veteran Ranks
- 20% more XP in the region of Craglorn
- Racial Motif (Glass Style)
- Racial passive skill improvements
- Mundas Stone buff improvements
- Improvement to existing item sets
- Ability to hide your Mounts visual add-ons
- Undaunted pledges added
- Combat and Gameplay balances
- Improvement to the rewards at the end of an Alliance War.

These look great, most notably it is now easier to rank up in Veteran ranking system. The Glass motif looks to be a fan favourite waiting to happen and the new Undaunted pledges will be worth a looksy.

Now the paid for DLC:

- All content available from level 10
- New PvP and PvE spaces (Imperial City's Six districts)
- New quests and Key Characters in Imperial City
- One new PvP Imperial City dungeon
- Two new PvE dungeons in Imperial City
- Tel Var Stone System
- Treasure Vaults which contain Veteran Rank 16 Sets, jewlery and even rarer finds
- Xivkyn Racial Motif
- New collectables (Polymorphs, pets and one new costume)

This DLC is looking to be top notch. The new Treasure vaults and Motif sound interesting. The new PvP battlegrounds sound even more intriquing. Lets hope this is as good as the main game has been so far.


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