Monday, 13 July 2015

Xbox Accessories Update

The Xbox One has a new sibling now which features a expanded 1TB hardrive, now you can save and download a little bit more now.
Don't put me wrong, you could just go out and buy a external hard drive for your Xbox One.

With the new 1TB console you do get a new mat black finish and a new revamped and slicker looking wireless controller.
This controller features fine-tuned bumpers to make you get better consistent feedback throughout the whole controller. The new Controller also updates itself now without connecting via USB cable.
Another added feature is the 3.5mm stereo headset jack on the bottom, this will enable most gaming headset in the market. The revamped controller will be available later this summer.

Plus the new Covert Forces controller is available now for purchase.  

The wireless adapter will enable your Xbox One controller to play with the windows 10 PCs.
Written by Kingwhybrow

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