Thursday, 16 July 2015

Xbox One Elite Controller with G2GEVOLVED

At this years E3, Microsoft announced a fancy new Xbox one controller. It has fancy grips and changeable parts, fancy new buttons and paddles and also a fancy new price tag.

Called the Elite controller it doesn't look like a lot has changed. The basic shape and button layout are same as the basic model. Its only on closer inspection and feel that the changes become more noticeable.

On first feel the controller certainly feels like a premium product, some plastic parts have given way to more expensive materials making it feel weightier and the rubber grips on the handles help the controller snuggle nicely into your hands.

The actual button layout is of typically Xbox fashion, but the triggers on top can now be set as hair trigger locks. Giving the player faster shots in Halo and Call of Duty as the trigger only needs to travel half the distance in. The thumb sticks and d-pad are now interchangeable to whatever style suits u best. I can see many third party control manufacturers offering many different shapes, styles and colours in the near future.

The biggest change for me are the 4 paddles at the back. Without playing any games yet, the only benefit I can see with these would be in racing games as manual gear changes, I look forward to developers using these paddles in new and interesting ways.

All in all the Xbox one Elite controller is a premium product for the serious gamer with a set of great new features. A couple of downsides would be lack of rechargeable battery pack plus I have heard people pulling on the paddles when they didn't mean too. For me, with a price tag of £129 in the UK I will have to wait till later in the year and hope I am not on Santa's naughty list.

Written by ScottyJim 

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