Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Xbox One sale now LIVE!

The Xbox Sale on One goes live today! Here is the full list and the percentage off.

Assassin's Creed China chronicles 50%
Titanfall Deluxe  60%
Dragon Age Inquisition 50%
Dragon Age Inquisition Deluxe 33%
Ori and the Blind Forest 20%
Goat Simulator 33%
Far Cry 4 60%
Terraria 60%
Screamride 50%
Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition 50%
Slender: The Arrival 50%
Walking Dead Season 1 50%
Walking Dead Season 2 50%
Borderlands Handsome Jack Collection 40%
Diablo 3 50%
WWE 2K15 50%
Shadow of Modor 50%
Dying Light 30%
Mortal Kombat X 25%
Outlast Bundle 50%
Need For Speed Rivals Complete Edition 50%
Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris 60%
White Night 50%
Geometry Wars 50%
Game of Thrones Eps 2-6 40%
Game of Thrones Eps 1-6 50%
Tales of the Borderlands Eps 2-5 40%
Tales of the Borderlabds Eps 1-5 50%
Watch_Dogs 50%
Legend of Kora 50%

You can see some great deals here. Especially Diablo 3 which has never been below 33% off on Xbox Live in the past. Last year's Game of the Year 'Shadow of Modor' is at a great at half price.
The best value for money, however is Need For Speed's completed edition at 50% including all DLV it is worth investing in as is Titanfall's Deluxe edition at 60%. If you don't own either, it is very worth getting a look in while they're hot.

Matt Friedrich (SolaceConquest)

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