Friday, 21 August 2015

Dragon Age Inquisiton: The Descent review

The Descent. It sounds awesome, but then again so did that movie by the same name and that was an abomination. Much like this latest offering of DLC from Bioware. Dragon Age's extra content is yet to reach those dizzy heights that Origins content reached. The story isn't all bad, it gives us an insight not only in to Orzamar, but a past that the other two titles barely touched upon.

This and the amazing soundtrack are the only two things that you'll actually enjoy though. The combat is lacking in expansion, even Jaws of Hakon gave you at least one new skill for the Inquisitor skilltree and the enemies aren't anything new or exciting, except for one returning lumbering beast that you may or may not like, depending on the skill level you're playing on.

It is even hard to care about the new characters as the story goes on, they're pretty lifeless entities (a rare miss for Bioware), shadows of past Dwarves we've met in Orzamar before them. Not even Varric can make this enjoyable. Add to this a boss where Bioware are clearly trying to mimic the complexities of Origins 'The Harvester', which, ironically also steeped in Dwarven lore, but the boss in 'The Descent' is no where near as fun as that great fat mess of a beast we all loved to shout at. The final boss in this, is just infuriating and tiresome to fight.

In and around the combat is finding cogs to open doors that hold secrets, most of which aren't even worth the extra effort it takes to explore the dull back caves of the rather beautiful Dwarven contsructs that you're going in to. Much like the Stones in the main game and Jaws of Hakon.

In all, the franchise is starting to almost find its feet again. Hopefully the next addition to Inquisition will give us the freedom of some of Origins DLC rather than a long corridor, heading towards a final boss.

Overal 5/10
Soundtrack 7/10
Storyline 6/10


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