Thursday, 6 August 2015

Fallout 3 Giveaway

So, if you're not sure on pre-ordering Fallout 4 yet or you happen not to own an Xbox One. We have something for you.

The legendary series is getting a sequel to Fallout 3 set in Boston and we have one digital copy of Fallout 3 to give away to celebrate.

To enter log in to Twitter and follow the G2GEvolved account (we can't send over the code without this step) and tell us your best Fallout memory.

The competition closes on Monday 10th of August and a winner will be chosen by SolaceConquest.

Good luck



  1. Rob Tanner

    My favorite memory has yet to be had seeing as I have yet to play any fallout. 

  2. Christian Howarth
    Twitter: chris_howarth3

    My Favourite memory was discovering a large T-rex in fallout new vegas, thinking it was a some sort of creature i would have to defeat from the distance, i stayed well clear . I finally found the courage to go torwards it and it turned out to be just a structure, Oh how i was so stupid ,but thankgod! XD , great memory!

  3. Cam
    Twitter: @CameronMines

    My favourite memory has to be going through the wastelands of Fallout: New Vegas. Just the beauty and astonishing environment was insane. Then I got to New Vegas and I thought it was absolutely crazy how Obsidian had built this world.

    Another memory would have to be, on my journey to New Vegas, I came across what my friend told me was the 'most powerful enemy in the game' I thought he was lying to me, and in curiosity, I tried to attack it. It turns out my friend was right. xD