Friday, 14 August 2015

Bloodborne Review

Blood In Blood Out

When shall I wake up from this dream? Am I dreaming or is this actually happening? This is the question I constantly asked myself while playing Bloodborne. The answer to that question is simple really, you are sleep walking lol, no but you're in a dream (Hunters Dream) and you the gamer has to find a way out of it. As you play Bloodborne you shall see many beasts and ghouls that you encounter, some you will slay and some you will be the prey of, only time will tell as you dive deep into the world of sheer madness.

Bloodborne is a Dark Souls style game but it is different in ways of combat and storytelling. Combos and chaos is what I like to call it, and oh did I mention, lots of blood. As you venture out into Yharnam hacking and slashing away, you will find that Bloodborne is a joy to play. Blood echos are the main currency in this game and you gain them by killing enemies, and you have to kill a lot of enemies. One may think that I can just go in and hack my way through the game, not so, because those 10,000 echos you just gained can easily be taken from you by an enemy, and if that happens you have to go find that enemy and kill it in order to get you echos back most of the time. Bloodborne is about being clever just as much as being patient, and having that at your advantage will make playing the game that much easier. When I play, sometimes I wish I can develop a weapon that’s called “Patience and Time’ such as the weapon in Destiny, because without it, you will have a frustrating time playing this game.

Bloodborne has a look and feel as if you are in Victorian London, where there are dark streets, tall church like building and cathedrals. You will see sacrifices taking place in the middle of town, graveyards full of headstones with ghouls walking all around them, you will even encounter npc’s that will share information with you, and then those who do not want anything to do with you. Not to spoil anything for you but be very weary of who you turn your back to in this game, anything and everything goes in Yharnam.

Bloodborne’s boss battles are some of the most epic battles I’ve had playing a video game. Father Gascoigne oh Father was I not ready to fight you, showed me that with the right dev team, boss fights can truly be epic! Studio From Software has a keen sense on how reactions should occur from an enemy, and these enemies nor bosses react in a sandbox way. Sometimes I was thinking to myself that I was being punk’d and someone behind the scenes were actually controlling the enemy, needless to say I enjoy the combat in Bloodborne. Boss arenas are typically large in scale, giving you enough room to hit and run when need be but also to give the boss room to operate because typically they are really big.

Bloodborne also has a multiplayer component in the game, which needs a little bit of fine tuning but is really good for the most part. While in battle you can either summon someone to give you some support in fighting a boss or your way through the game as a whole. Now summoning that bell has ups and downs, because just like you can summon someone to help you, someone a player can come in and be an enemy as well, and this is a catch-22 in the game and I think it’s terrific, no wimps allowed is what I call it. You do have settings in the game to turn these features on or off which is helpful, but I will say playing this game with a buddy is very much enjoyable and brings a different feel to the game. Being that this was my first time ever playing a Dark Souls style game, I really benefited from the help. Bloodborne has chalice dungeons and there are lots of them, which are very challenging, and it helps to have a buddy go in with you if you can because there are loads of loot to get and many enemies to fight, and some puzzle to solve as well.

Playing Bloodborne is a charm and with such rich loot and many enemies and bosses to fight and so much to explore, I will keep coming back for more for this game. Bloodborne is one of those once in a console cycle type of games and I wish it were available to all to play and not just an exclusive to PS4, Bloodborne is truly a masterpiece waiting to be cracked open.


Written by Arthur Davis 

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