Friday, 14 August 2015

G2G Interview with The Unreal Gamer

Welcome back to another Gamer 2 Gamer interview, and I'm proud to introduce Rayan AKA (The Unreal Gamer) from twitter. He's one of the main guys i follow on twitter.

So thought it would be nice to get a insight to his life with a personal interview.

I hope you all enjoy. 

Q1) Let's get a insight to your life, what made you the gamer you are today?

My first console was the original NES then i started to play streetfighter at the arcades, i even skipped some days of school because of it but i wouldn't advise anyone doing that.

Q2) We know you have podcast channel, how's that going for you?

Its going well, every week we have more viewers tuning in. Its a podcast where we dont hold back and we dont sugarcoat anything on what goes on in the gaming industry, in other words we like to keep it real.

Q3) What's your presence like within the gaming industry on twitter, for example you have a lot of followers and people that look to for the information you give.

I dont know what kind of presence i have in the gaming community or on twitter. I like to stick with the facts with any information i give. I can be very critical at times.

Q4) What is your favourite game of all time?

Gears Of War. My Youtube channel has a lot of Gears of war content so that should tell you enough.

Q5) Is there a particular franchise what stands out for you?

Halo is the 1 franchise that stands out for me. The universe is to huge and there's so much stories to be told in the games, books, tv series and potential movies.

Q6) How are finding the Next Generation consoles?

I have an xbox one, ps4 and a wii u and i have to say that its started off great with the xbox one with some great launch titles and we're getting a great holiday lineup this fall. Im on my xbox one mostly and I haven't really seen a must have game on the PS4 and its been under dust but the wii u has had some great first party game thats enjoyable.

Q7) why have you chosen xbox this generation over the others. Plus who would win in a fight between Master Chief  and Marcus fenix?

As a hardcore gamer the xbox one is just my preferred console of choice, it has a diverse library of games from shooters to racers and action adventure games. It has the AAA Exclusive games that has so much replay value compared to the PS4 exclusives. Although im a Gears of war fan i think master chief would win that fight by a slight edge. But i think marcus fenix would hold his own.

Q8) What did you think of this year's E3 from all the Platforms and was there any games that stood out for you?

Gears of war 4 stole the show for me but obviously i would say that knowing my background. Besides that i think ReCore looked very interesting. Look forward to seeing more from this new IP.

Q9) Have you ever met Phil Spencer, Acey Bongos or anyone like that within the gaming industry?

I met phil Spencer at a halo party and we spoke for quite a while. He's a very knowledgeable guy when it comes to gaming and i respect that. He also interacts with the community which is awesome. He's done a great job since he became the Head of xbox. Ive met many people from the gaming industry but id like to meet aaron greenberg. He seems like a level headed guy.

Q10) I always love asking this question, what do you think of G2G:EVOLVED, do you love the Reviews, Interviews and Updates from us?

I love the work you guys do especially with all the reviews and updates.

Q11) Would you consider joining G2G:EVOLVED this year at London Comic Con and help us spread the word?

If i came to comic con i definitely would.

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