Monday, 17 August 2015

G2G Review Rare Replay

It's hard to justify most rereleases. Very few even come close to getting it right, aside for Deep Silver's brilliance with the Metro Bundle.

Rare Replay is a different kind of rerelease. It doesn't promise anything but the original version of the games involved and keeps each one as they were from back in the 1980's (most before I was born) or even the 360 games in the collection.

The downside to this is that the 360 titles are downloads from the disc and run as seperate entities from the collection, but you can still earn in game accolades by holding back the Rare menu button to check up on them at any point. This is also why you still need the disc to play them. This also means if you've already played them, you can't re-earn the 360 achievements. Who cares about achievements when you can play a Kameo again?

Rare's collection is rather epic, every Jetpack game is in there, every Sabre Man game and every Banjo-Kazoie title too. Each play so smoothly, Sabre Man's outings in particular encounter no problems at all, Knight Lore is also starting to become one of my favourite games. Even though I struggle to figure it out ocassionally.

Graphics haven't been tampered with, they still the same as when they were back in their respective days, lending another reason to why you should enjoy playing them, you can pinpoint the era where graphics really started to become part of a game through this collection.

Making the most welcome return (especially if you're looking for a new version) is Battletoads, that game is actually alot harder at times than most current gen games on the market.

It shows how much Rare care about their products. Each has been given a brand new life. True, some of them, like Slalom, might only last you til you get a little bored of it, but alot of the titles grasp your attention for hours. I've lost whole days off to Gunfright. Which isn't even the best title on the disc. This also shows through the unlockable Vi-Doc's on the disc. You collect stamps for reaching milestones on certain titles and fill up a 'rank-card'. These give you a new title for every card you complete. Every so often you'll unlock a developer commentary. Include making of different titles, what it is like to work at Rare or even the industry as a whole.

They are well worth the watch.

Everyone will have different favourites, everyone will have different memories tied in to the collection, but we can all agree Rare have done a great job with this collection.

Overal 9/10
Graphics 8/10
Gameplay 9/10
Memories are infinite.


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