Friday, 14 August 2015

G2G Rewind Review: Tomb Raider

Now, you've probably been playing Tomb Raider for years. Well, so have I, not as long as some but I remember playing on the PS1 all those years ago.

How did the reboot fair on 360 and Xbox One then? It wasn't the most exciting of all the Tomb Raiders in recent memory, for example, there were no real tombs. True there were hidden puzzles that masqueraded as tombs, but there weren't any that you could safely say "I just completed a tomb".

That aside it was a very strong outing. Lara had been reborn, not completely, she was still bery similar to previous renditions, but Crystal Dynamics had breathed new life in to her.

The story was a little out there, but nothing to strange when it comes to Tomb Raider. Trapped on the Japanese island of Yamatai, where World War Two plabes had crash landed mysteriously, ships from all time periods disappeared and an ancient civilistaions dead still haunts the halls. Add to that an interestingly disturbed cult leader and you have a three pronged attack on the player. Survival against the wild animals, the cult and these undead beings.

This survival os what made it great, adding in a RPG style skill tree split into Survival, combat and crafting you can become a lot stronger and able to deal with anything. This is also the reason why crafting is a key element making your climbing axe better and weapons more reliable.

The weak link in the reboot is a sore point. The multiplayer. It is really fun, but not for long and its servers are basically dead on both consoles. If you're an achievement hunter, never fear, you can team up with a few buddies and cheat them that way. It has a few modes that are worth playing but the multiplayer didn't have the same punch as say PS3's The Last of Us, which had similar ideas.

Graphically its a triumph, espcially on the Xbox One. Sound wise it is a step up on the previous Crystal Dynamics titles. Either way it will be very interesting to see the improvements of Rise of the Tomb Raider in action.

Overal 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 7/10
Ganeplay 9/10
Multiplayer 6/10


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