Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Lego Jurassic Park review

Lego games are normally hard to judge on solo merrit, since they all follow exactly the same formulae. This particular title follows all four films of the movie franchise.

First off the game gets you in to the story with a prologue to give you a glimpse of the world. After that it then makes you select either the Jurassic Park trilogy or the Jurassic World storylines. We went for Jurassic Park first for pure childhood nostalgia. As you might expect, this is a normal Lego game, nothing is really that different from say Batmans adventures. Each character has their own ability, whether that is getting to higher places, being nimble and climbing skeletons, or sifting through dung to help sick or injured dinosaurs. Nothing new here. Although, you can't help but feel something is missing. Something isn't quite as it seems for your generoc Lego game. Occassionally, you'll find a few weird glitches in open world areas, but the good thing is that these areas are also splattered with areas only your playable dinosaurs can reach.

Did someone say 'playable dinosaurs'? Why yes, we did. There forst one you encounter in Jurassic Park, for example, is the fan favourite, The Triceratops. This beauty lets you charge at glowing yellow bricks and scenery to gain the usual special items you need to find for the 100% completion. You can even create your own dinosaur, once you have collected enough of them to mix and match.

There is a major drawback, espcailly in the original trilogys cannon. The sound. It sometimes feels like you're playing Lego Jurassic Park in a wind tunnel, the sound can be so off at times, you can't understand the characters on screen. This most often happens when the professor or Jeff Goldblum are speaking and other trilogy characters. Bizzarely, the sound isn't that bad when skip on over to Chris Pratt at Jurassic World.

If you love the Lego game and dinosaurs, you'll like this, but don't be too shocked to discover it isn't as strong as Lego Batman or Lego Marvel.

Overal 6/10
Gameplay 7/10
Sound 4/10
Graphics 6/10


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