Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Rewind Review: Dishonored

With the definitive edition out on the 28th of August for PS4 and Xbox One, then Dishonored 2 out the end of the year. We decided to look back at what made Corvo's adventure both amazing and frustrating in equel measure.

The game centres in the fictional city of Dunwall. This is a a time of great uncertainty and news of a mysterious plague threatens the nations very existence.

Corvo (the Queens bodyguard) is sent ashore to find a cure from a city that survived it. We take control on his ride home. Where we see the death of the Queen and become framed for the murder.

From here we go about killing targets one by one for revenge. The unique angle of the game comes in to play here. You don't have to kill your targets. You can discredit them and still get an good set of rewards. Doing it stealthily is normally even more satisfying. Each target also has bonus conditions that if met, can yeild even better rewards.

You also, with the power of the mysterious 'Outsider', gain gain powers such as teleportation, turning mutant rats in to an personal army or even making enemies kill one another. These powers are discovered using the heart the Outsider gives you to find tokens. These can be spent on new powers.

Killing in itself will lead to the entire world changing. Kill everyone in your path and the game generates more plague victims and mutant rats for you to navigate through, which in turn makes the fame slightly harder. Play stealthily only dealing the damage to people in the way or the mission target, the world stats relatively plague free.

This evolution gives the game a better player created scenario, tailoring the world to how the player sees fit.

Soundtracks in Bethesda powered titles are great, Dishonored is no exception. In truth the credit is alot more broad than on other games, with Jon Licht, David Licht, Voodoo Highway and Copilot Strategic Sound behind the mixing table, they created an incredible soundtrack, that could evem rival the brilliance of Fallout 3's.

With such an strong first outing, we can't wait to see what Emily brings to the table in Dishonored's second rendition.

Overal 9/10
Soundtrack 9/10
Graphics 8/10
Gameplay 9/10


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