Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Scalebound at Gamescom

Gamescom has some great news from Xbox. We were all a little perplexed that Scalebound was no where to be seen at E3, but now we have a new trailer and information.

First off, there is no hard release date as yet. Holiday 2016 is all we've been given. The other big news is there is an amazing looking 4 player co-op, where each player has their own drgaon. Although, there isn't a single mention if we can play offline with at least two people.

It takes place in the world of Draconis (a little on the nose) where Dragons and Dragon riders are prominent. We also now know the character is called Drew. Jay also thinks he looks a little like Dante from the DmC reboot.

We will hopefully find out more towards the end of the year. So far, Platinum Games have done well to hide information. We need more Dragons in our lives. 


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