Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Sherlock Holmes: Crime and Punishments review

It is a hard thing to capture how enjoyable and infuriating Crime and Punishments is. It isn't as strong as 'Vs Jack the Ripper', which does still hold the title of best Sherlock Holmes game.

Having said that, this latest episode has strengths that other titles in the series doesn't. For example, the game is a little less point and click, more action orientated. Not to say the core point and click mechanics aren't there, but you'll not see them as much. This is a very interesting outing, even if Sherlock lacks the personality of Benedict Cumberbatch.

First of all, the game is split in to four cases, in these case you can deduce several case endings. Most of which will condemn an innocent man, so best way to go about the cases to explore all that is available, if you don't like exploring, then this might not be for you. This is because you will have to back between Scotland Yard, your appartment and the crime scenes to get an idea of who the main parties are.

The decudtion board is back and works better than ever. You can see your own train of thought unfold. Mini games a slightly more annoying, however, this is also where your frustration with game will start to take hold. The first 'real' minigame is an armwrestle with a sailor (a little on the nose). You have to hit A repeatedly to force him back and also push forward. RT is your 'hold' button. But actually does nothing worthy of note.

These mini games become your worst enemy, mainly because no matter how much you learn how to play them. The game makes it harder than you should find it, as I said there is always something you are given within an minigame, which is almost useless.

The characters in their entirety, have zero personality, which makes them hard to buy in to. This is strange as in previous incarnations, you find it very easy to find Sherlock and Watson intriguing characters. You could easily forget any other characters in the game other than Sherlock and Watson.

Graphics are virtually untouched, mainly because it uses the same engine as the other Sherlock games. This isn't a bad thing because content is all there, which is the difference between this and other games on the market.

What is unfortunate, is that it doesn't seem to build on what is already in place within the franchise, this is what lets the game down the most.

Overal 6/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 7/10
Gameplay 6/10
Story 6/10


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  1. I really liked this game, but it's hard to argue some of your points. I thought the graphics were better than the score showed, but, maybe I just need glasses. What system, 360 or XB1?