Sunday, 2 August 2015

Ten Xbox One games you shouldn't miss out on

It has nearly been two years of the Xbox One. It's had a horrible launch to suffer from and get over quickly. Had an (almost) glorious rebirth under Phil Spencer and finally, Microsoft is doing things with it that can combat against the PS4 sales.

If you've been holding off for an announcement like backwards compatibility and the keyboard/mouse support. Then you may want to know some titles that would be best to start your current-gen adventure off with. We have your back. Here are our (well, Solace's) favourite ten Xbox One games available to date.

1. Dead Rising 3:
This one took me a long time to get in to. The first two were hard to get in to more so because of the horrid time constraints that held you back from progress.
Although those constraints are still loosely there, this particular edition is a vast inprovement.
In a new city, new story, it still has some cameos from previous title Dead Rising 2 and a smoother gameplay experience, which will be a lot more enjoyable to play. The DLC, although short, is also a step up from DR2's attempts.

2. Ori and the Blind Forest:
Ori, it's almost hard to explain, but Ori is a charming puzzler, set in a world of pure fantasy, yet so familiar.
You play as a creature of nature that has lost his way, protected by a mortal creature til you're older and after a heartbreaking scene, left on your own, you end up going out in to the world on your own.
The title also has a great story and can, at times, be devilish. Well worth the money.

3. Ryse: Son of Rome:
Yes, Ryse. Some loved it, some hated it. Truth is, it has something for everyone. The game that uses QTE's (sometimes it can rely on it too much) is a bloodthirsty revenge story, set during the time of Nero.
Crytek did a great job making the graphics incredible, but that ends up with there being slightly less content than other Xbox games.
The co-op gladiator based multiplayer is also worth its weight in gold.

4. Titanfall:
As FPS games go, it isn't the best. In no way is it the worst either. The game where you can wall run, double jump, use superpowers and, yes, fight in giant robots, is an immense experience.
The 6 v 6 modes can leave a sour taste sometimes when you constantly lose but by God is it fun! The edition of the free co-op mode Frontier Defence also gave it a tiny bit more depth.

5. Project Spark:
Spark, a little ball of light that builds world and watches them thrive. In the paid for story mode, you get a glimpse of this in a little more detail. Episode one is free as it comes with the free to play version of the game. This is worth the money as it show you how story mode can look.
Also, you can download player created worlds and games to play and rate. These are often the most fun, this let's you discover favourite content creators, some are absolutely gobsmacking.
Some even stump the developers as to how they created the world.

6. Max: The Curse of Brotherhood:
A puzzler with a difference, you draw paths and mould the world around you to create solutions in solving the mystery of your kidknapped brother.
It does creat tension better than other puzzlers out there and even has a better story than some AAA titles.

7. Outlast:
That horror game. Synominous with grown men pooing themselves live on Twitch, has captured most peoples hearts (almost literally). Centred in an Mental Hospital, you play a ghost hunter sent in to discover what happend at the hospital and maybe even free it. Jumps and scares are varied and it even adds to atmosphere by making every kill an insta-death.

8. State of Decay:
Okay, it was on 360 too, but this game needs to be downloaded and played. It's probably one of the best zombie games out there, dealing with the apocalypse on a more humanly emotional and tense survival level than most zombie based titles.

This game is pretty awesome. The strategy based online hack 'n' slash come RPG battle arena uses God's as the focus of the beautifully thought out maps. Much better than Lords of the Rings attempt, it plays smoothly, looks amazing and features God's from Ancient Greece, Rome, Norse mythology, even Egyptian God's in the 3rd person view.
Being free to download, you can pay for an early advantage to your career. But probably in its basic form is the most fun to play.

10. Halo The Master Chief Collection:
No, it isn't broken anymore, you can play online hassle free. All four games on one disc, all three multiplayers bolted on, even multiplayer maps based on Combat Evolved. This was an epic attempt at achieving something great. Co-op on all four games is fantastic and should involve some incredible, fun moments.
In its early days, it suffered from frame rate issues, but no longer the case and well worth it, when you can now get it for about £20.


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