Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection Trailer

Looks like Naughty Dog have realeased a new trailer for The Nathan Drake Collection. The trailer shows parts of all three titles with a new fresh rebuilt look.

"- New Trophies and modes such as our Explorer, Speed Run, and Brutal Modes will invite long time adventurers to replay these classics while welcoming newcomers to discover Uncharted greatness.

- Explorer Mode is an all-new mode for beginners where combat difficulty is reduced greatly.

- Speed Run Mode adds a timer that allows players to track their gameplay time against their friends as they play sections of the game.

- Brutal Difficulty Mode is the ultimate challenge as the gameplay will be more punishing than Crushing Difficulty (unlocked after beating Crushing Difficulty in the same game)."

The game will be available on Playstaion 4 on the 9th October.

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