Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Dragon Age Trespasser Review

Dragon Age has struggled to get as brilliant as the debut title Dragon Age Origins. Inquisition's main campaign was brutally fun and gave much more to the series than Dragon Age 2. However, its DLC's have been rather lifeless and disappointing on the whole scheme of things.

Trespasser is no different. It centres around a court designed to decide how the Inquisition must end or even if it'll defy the world and create a war in its place. Sounds facinating right? Well, it kind of is a Qunari artack is the forebarer for the entire adventure, having to either keep the invasion a secret from Orlais and Ferelden or tell them outright. This descends in to a case of hidden identities, we finally find out where Solas has been all this time.

Solas' part in the journey is the most horrible part though, you finally get to seek him out and then he's on screen for about 5minutes and nothing happens. The anti-climax leaves a very sour taste in your mouth, as you wanted some grand battle, that only the Qunari attempt to give you.

What has been resolved is the fact you will face harder tasks to get better equipment, solvong puzzles of giant Elven statues to gain access to their small caches. Character development has been brought in line with the fantastic approach they had before, you get to talk to individuals before even starting the adventure and go down memory lane with them, you actively see how your adventures and choices have impacted each member of the Inquisition. This also has a new skill. It's called Discharge and make like the Jaws of Hakon skill, it needs a buildup to activate. What it does is unleash a powerful barrage which dispels magic and later on damages anybody caught in the cross fire.

The most bizzare thing about the whole thing is it's set two years after The Descent and Bioware have created an point of no return mechanic just to start it off. Creating a new save just for the DLC is advisable so you can go back to your old saves to do achievements, if you're that way inclined.

It's shorter than The Descent also, the whole thing has been clearly designed just to set up Dragon Age 4 and make it clear who the next viallain is (not neccessarilly the next hero though).

Overall 2/5
Gameplay 4/5
Story 2/5


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