Sunday, 6 September 2015

Glitchy Max (Mad Max becomes furious)

Mad Max has encountered a game breaking bug.

This doesn't appear for every player, but does appear on both consoles. Upon gaining the main mission A Wasteland Classic you'll be asked to build your first Archangel.
During this time you'll be tasked with finding car parts and scrap to build the parts. Once You've found Jeet and used his stronghold to build all but one of your upgrades, you by asked to move on to Gutgash's hold. Here it'll task you with a couple of more chores to do before gaining access to the final piece.
This is where the bug occurs. The game gets stuck in a repetitive loop of thinking you haven't done the steps neccessary to complete the options.

Avalanche and WB's solution is to uninstall all car parts relating to the building of the Archangel, exit back to gameplay. Enter the Archangel screen (by pressing X or Square on the Garage page) and reinstall all parts, apart from the Babybars. Exit back out.
At this stage you should either get a not saying you're able to install it or an not to say you need to get 100 pieces of scrap.
If you're game tells you to install the final piece, unfortunately you're screwed and the only thing you can do (as what I have done) is contact the Customer services over at WB to let them know exactly what happends. The solution (much like the bug itself) doesn't work for everyone.
Well, at least I can get more sightseeing in for the review now. 

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